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People suffering from dysbiosis experience an imbalance of the natural flora and fauna of the digestive system. This generally results in Candida overgrowth which must be managed by a combination of methods for complete and successful treatment. Dysbiosis supplements are useful for managing Candida overgrowth.

Nutritional supplements for dysbiosis must provide at least the minimum of the essential 21 vitamins and minerals. Additionally, natural supplements such as ginseng, elderberry, astralagus root and andrographis can provide immune system support for faster recovery. An imbalance of nutrition often triggers and always supports Candida overgrowth. Be sure to turn to Vita Living for the very best selection of high quality, high value multi-vitamins and dysbiosis formulas.

In addition to the use of effective dysbiosis supplements, it is extremely important that people suffering with Candida maintain a very low blood sugar level by eating half a dozen or so mini-meals daily. These meals should consist of healthy, whole foods that are free from chemicals, artificial ingredients, and environmental pollutants. Additionally, foods such as all-natural yogurt that provide probiotics such as acidophilus can help balance internal flora and fauna. All foods must be carefully chosen to provide the most balanced nutrition possible to help fight Candida.

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